Urine and Feces Cleanup


Make a difficult task much easier with skilled, compassionate, and discreet professionals. We have all of the necessary training and tools to restore any space to a safe, sanitized location.

The health risks possible range greatly for anyone exposed to either human or animal urine and feces. These are considered bio-hazardous and we strongly recommend professional services to properly and completely treat contaminated areas.

An article from the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health explains that nearly two-thirds of human pathogens and three-quarters of emerging pathogens are zoonotic in origin. Able to be transmitted from animals to humans.  Any direct contact with animal excrement can spread contamination and risk human lives.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) lists human fecal material and urine as bio-hazardous material.  Contaminants that can survive the brutality of the digestive system should be great cause for concern.  Potential health risks range from virus and bacterial infections to parasites and protozoa.

We understand the sensitivity in wanting to discreetly handle a matter such as this by yourself. When you consider the safety risks involved in such a task, doesn’t it make sense to allow skilled professionals to come in? We don’t want anyone to be embarrassed. We want to see you safe and in a sanitized, restored space.

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