Hoarder Cleanup


An initial response to the word “hoarder” may bring a few thoughts to mind, most of them unpleasant. However, each one of us may know and care about someone who has accumulated too much and may possibly have been the result of a trauma, depressed mental state, or other psychological stimuli. Hoarders not only need our help, but they also need our compassion and great care. We would love to help with that.  If you or someone you know is either ready to take the journey, or has left an overly cluttered space behind, it is important to reach out for professional help with hoarder cleanup services for these reasons:

  • You do not know what you will find, and you may not want to find it.
  • Animals (pets, rodents, insects, etc.) and everything that goes with them, in excess.
  • Unclean air, poses a health risk for all those entering the premises without the correct safety equipment.
  • Potential for bio-hazardous material to be present, exposed to the air and presenting a potential health risk for all those entering the premises without the correct safety equipment.
  • The task may seem overwhelming and you may not know where to start.


Take the first step and call us. We will help you with the rest. We have the resources and safety equipment to help make the journey to a safe, sanitized, clean, and restored home or space with our hoarder cleanup services.

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If you or someone you know lives in a hoarder house, or perhaps you have inherited or purchased a property where a hoarder may have lived, BRECS is the company to call. We serve all of Maricopa County and Pinal County, Arizona, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality of service possible. If you live in or near any of the following cities, give us a call today for a free quote.

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Gold Canyon
Luke Air Force Base
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