Biohazard Cleaning and Restoration


What is a bio-hazard? Simply put, it is any substance or material that is biological in nature and hazardous to life through infection, exposure, or contamination. Bio-hazardous material cannot be cleaned and removed by conventional methods and needs skilled, professional attention to be done away with properly. Our goal is care, compassion, and safety.

Examples of bio-hazard waste according to the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) are:

  • Infectious waste, such as waste contaminated with blood and bodily fluids. This can happen in medical facilities, laboratories, or facilities providing autopsy services or work with other infectious humans or animals, any waste from infected animals or humans including bandages and other disposable medical materials.
  • Pathological waste, such as human tissues, organs or fluids, body parts and contaminated animal carcasses.
  • Sharps waste, which are any materials having to do with syringes, needles, and any other sharp tool used in any medical capacity.
  • Chemical waste, including all the big words we are not allowed to dump into our regular trash or down the drain, like batteries, solvents, disinfectants, sterilants, reagents, and heavy metals used in medical devices.
  • Pharmaceutical waste which includes any expired, unused and contaminate drug or vaccine.
  • Cyctotoxic waste, which is waste containing any substance with genotoxic properties. These include highly hazardous substances that are mutagenic, teratogenic or carcinogenic, like cytotoxic drugs used in cancer treatment and their metabolites.
  • Radioactive waste, including products contaminated by radionuclides, radioactive diagnostic material, and radiotherapeutic material.

We are skilled, knowledgeable, and professional in our operation, thorough in our action, and responsible in disposal. We work hard to assure our clients their facility or home is a safe place once again.

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