Suicide Cleanup


When a suicide or attempted suicide happens, there is nothing more heartbreaking or shocking. It is a trauma to all involved. When an experience like this happens, the first responders will take care of the person involved, but the location is generally left to family or caregivers. Having to clean up after a suicide can be just as traumatic and we want to help. You need caring, compassionate professionals to restore the location with the greatest of care and discretion.

We will restore what we can. Some surfaces like fabrics and sub-flooring may not be able to be restored depending on the situation, but our goal is to restore what we can.

Blood cleanup is imperative to health and safety.  Blood can contain many microscopic contaminants that may present health risks and should have professional attention.

We look beyond the surface. We work hard to make sure the location is sanitized deep down, testing beyond what we can see with our eyes to make sure it is safe.

We care for you. Survivors of suicides are the unsung heroes of life. Courageously taking one step forward, every day. We may come into your home, office, vehicle, or other location for a task and leave when the job is done, but our hearts stay with you.

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